Sunday, 16 August 2015

Perfect is not always perfect :D

I literally laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants. You know pregnant woman especially with late pregnancy cum me will have those problem, incontinence. 

Its not the expression of him crying that made me laugh that hard but its the Encik Perfect 10 and the caption. 

Being perfect is not the major thing that makes girl fall for you. You just have to be yourself so that you guys can complete each other. Its more 'perfect' that way right?

Speaking as a married woman, I will say, I didn't seek for a perfect guy to settle down with. It will be a lot harder to catch up if he is so perfect :D 

I chose to grow old with a guy who is not a picky eater, who don't mind to eat at warung instead of expensive restaurant so that he won't complain when my cooking is not as delicious. 

I chose a guy who couldn't care less about wearing a crumpled T Shirt so that he won't complain if I forget to check his ironed shirts stock. 

I chose a guy who is far from romantic so he won't sulk if I forget some important dates (I am forgetful like that. Blame my job, sometimes I am so tired I felt like my brain shrinks and I forget everything). 

Oh, speaking about romantic, I am so freaking annoyed with Malay Dramas nowadays. Tak membina langsung! its all about love stories and the husband or the guy would we someone who is freakishly egoistic and then turn out to be very romantic blah blah. Argh. 

Girls, don't put high hopes in them. If you got a romantic partner then its a bonus for you but never put romantic as a must have character for your future husband. 

p/s: I didn't even get a birthday present on my first birthday as his wife. Yup. F is busy and not as romantic like that. But never mind, his everyday hugs and kisses are enough for me :D

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